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project updates - [6 August] UPDATE. Please read!

Amount of money collected so far: USD$1,738.83
Amounts collected through non-Paypal methods will be tallied later.

6 August Edit: Important update - I know it's taken forever but there were a lot of unforeseen circumstances that came out of this whole Paypal issue. We are trying to resolve it as soon as possible. It's taking ridiculously long we know, and we're frustrated too. Deepest apologies for dragging it out. :(

11 May Edit: Preparations to donate has been done. However, we have encountered some problems with Paypal as Paypal is running checks with account holders. The representative who owns the Paypal account is in the midst of liaising with Paypal to settle this. Please bear with us!

24 January Edit:
 The project organizers have taken into account all the feedback we received, and after careful consideration, it has been decided that donations will be made to the Haiti victims when the project closes, and the advertisement phase will only be carried out on a later, more suitable date.

If you want your donation to go towards Haiti only, please leave a comment here.
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