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i have sent an email about the payment method i can use but there is still no reply about the details and where i should pay.
please kindly check and reply to my email..thank u ^^
hello! may i know what email address did you send from?


7 years ago

Deleted comment


If you wish for your donations be go towards Haiti only, please leave a comment here :)
Please reply this comment if you wish for your donation to go towards the Haiti cause only.

Do not reply this comment unless the donation has been made/mailed out.

Leave the following:
- Name, country
- Amount donated
- Email

Comments will be screened, for security purposes. :)

Deleted comment

- Name, country: Erica, Italy
- Amount donated: € 8,00 on 03 february 2010
- Email:

PS: why the payment has been sent on a store? Paypal says KKC STORE...
Name, country: Anna-Liisa, Estonia
Amount donated: 4 Euros
Email: annaliisa at offline dot ee


January 27 2010, 18:49:56 UTC 7 years ago

the fanclub of balloons chile is gonna help! :DD

that's great, thank you for your support! :)
i'm from Thailand, and i want to donate by sending money through post/mail. (can i do that?)

i'll email you when i'm ready, but i was wondering what currency that's suitable for donation?
For Thailand, you'll have to send it to me in Singapore.
The currency suitable would either be Singapore Dollars or USD. :)))
I have sent you an email about paypal 2 days ago but I didn't receive a reply from you. Can you check it??
Thank you ^^

I'm not sure why, but there isn't a new email in our inbox.

Can you please resend the email to:

Thank you! :)

Thank you for the reply but I have searched and found the paypal link and made my donation yesterday :)


7 years ago

I just donated through paypal but i forgot to put the subject as going toward the I:Love Project. what should i do? i want to make sure that the money i gave goes towards that cause and nothing else!!
Hello there!

No worries, as long as you sent the money to the right email, we will receive it :)
hello there! ~
we, the dbsk across the world fanclub in monterrey mexico want to make a donation =D of course! helping this great project!

but i have a little question =/ *still new to paypal*
do i have to like, add the address before or something? or just type it and thats all o,o?
also....paypal gives me this options like "personal payments" and internet shopping, wich should i choose in those?

hope to here from you soon n___n
Hello there!

When you log into Paypal and click on "Send Money", there will be a text box under "To" for you to enter the recipient's email. In this case, just enter "" and then enter the amount you want to send.

It's as easy as that! :3

I would recommend the "personal payments" option :))

Thank you so much for your support!

if i already sent the money, do i have to inform you guys in somewhere? leave a comment or something!?


7 years ago

For some reason you still haven't claimed my payment I made with paypal on 2th March.
Hi there! I've accepted the payment, thank you so much! :)
gonna wire some money through paypal ^^
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