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Seems like it would have been a good idea to actually see how much it would cost to run a full page advertisement in one of Seoul's most popular newspapers, instead of just collecting random amounts of money...
The half-page advertisement that the Japanese fans ran cost almost USD$30,000.

Because of the current situation in Haiti, we are trying to keep the ad cost at a minimum, and trying to donate bulk of the money collection to the Haiti cause instead.


January 21 2010, 05:06:54 UTC 8 years ago

Hiiii! i`m from Perú and I`m 16 years old i`d really like to donate but i don`t know how to do it ... i just have some money in my pocket and nothing else ... is there a way to send you the money ??? Do you need an account for use the western Union ?? please answer me!
Hello there,

Yes, you can send concealed cash to our representative in Peru!

Subject: Donation for I:LOVE Project
Include: Name, Country & State, Concealed cash

You will be advised with the appropriate information through the email ^^


8 years ago

i'm going to sound like an unfeeling person but i'm going to go ahead and say this anyway knowing i'm going to get alot of wank for this....

yes, it is a sensitive time because there are ALOT of victims but it was pointed out previously (in another post i read which i'm sorry but i am not going to go find) that the commitment to run an ad was made prior to the earthquake. as such, it would probably be hard if not impossible to pull out of running the ad.

additionally...and i'm going to sound super insensitive right now but...suffering by people occurs every single second of every single day of every single week...why will this be any different. no one ever had a fit when other projects were announced saying why not donate that money to a better cause. there are people going hungry in third world countries & there are people being persecuted in others but these people didn't make the news/is not on the news right now and are forgotten. did anyone raise a ruckus then? i didn't hear any. so what makes this so different?

so i say...why can't this project go forward? its not like all the money is towards the ad. if more money is donated, more money will be given as aid. i am sure the individuals running this project is aware of all these sentiments people are having and will be sure to pick a reasonable priced ad in a newspaper.

one last note, why can't we do two things at once? send a message of support to the artist we adore & assist those in need. there is nothing wrong with that. it does not make me less of a human being than anyone else.

p.s. i donated to the project already because i support it wholeheartedly

tbh, the team is trying to reconcile all the differing opinions, but like you said, we'll definitely keep the ad costs to a minimum.

thank you for your wholehearted support! ;)))
thank you for collaborating and coming up with this project. i fully support it - i feel like international fans really need to do more to show their support to TVXQ. Previously planned projects such as billboard, etc. didn't really came through, so I hope this one will.

P.S. before i get bricked ~ just wanna say i've done my part to support the haiti relief through my local red cross.....and this is a project that i also believe in ~
thank you for your support! :)


January 21 2010, 06:42:02 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  January 21 2010, 06:50:30 UTC

Okay, I fully support this project and all that, and I'm gonna donate some money in a minute,
but here's my two cents:

I think, the newspaper ad should run AFTER the Haiti earthquake relief things in general have died down a bit. The ad would still run, just at a later time. I think, that would please quite a number of people who think that wasting so much money on an ad instead of donating is "stupid" or whatever they think.

Also so people don't go, "wtf, international fans are wasting $5000 on a newspaper ad instead of donating it to haiti". if the haiti stuff dies down (in general) after a while, people will forget and not be so hating when we run the newspaper ad, ^^"

edit: do i pay in USD or any currency I want?


January 21 2010, 06:51:05 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  January 21 2010, 06:51:36 UTC

thanks for you suggestion! i've informed the rest of the team, and we will discuss this further. :)

USD would be best if possible, but we accept other currencies as well. Thank you!


8 years ago

It sounds so nice!=] I'm gonna donate!
thank you! :)
Before donating for this project, i just have a trivial request that i hope you can help: can you set up something like mailing list so that i can receive update from this project in my mailbox?
I'm not that a frequent lj user (urg work lately keeps me busy) so it'll help me much if there's such a thing as update delivery to mailbox.
Thank you.
Please leave your request on this page:

I look into setting up the mailing list asap :)
How exactly would i donate?
i live in the US would i have to email you to get information on where i send the donation?
You can donate through these various methods:

(i) Paypal
Subject: Contribution for I:LOVE Project

(ii) Western Union/Checks/Bank Transfers/Money Order/Travelers' Check/Concealed Cash
Subject: Donation for I:LOVE Project
Include: Name, Country & State, Payment Method

You will be advised with the appropriate information based on your payment option.

(iii) Moneypak (United States only)

If you wish to send concealed cash, you will have to email us with the necessary information as listed above :)

Deleted comment

Please email us with the following:

Subject: Donation for I:LOVE Project
Include: Name, Country & State, Payment Method

You will be advised with instructions. Thank you! :)


January 23 2010, 21:49:10 UTC 8 years ago

i just sent a donation but something was weird...

first, the e-mail: sounds a know =\
and second, after i sent it the paypal said that it went to "kkc store" or smtg like this...

is that okay or my money just went to a wrong place T.T
Can you go to your transaction history and do a screen cap and email it to us at: ?

The paypal email is such because we're just using a spare account we have, since it was already available. ^^;;


8 years ago


8 years ago

i have sent an email about the payment method i can use but there is still no reply about the details and where i should pay.
please kindly check and reply to my email..thank u ^^
hello! may i know what email address did you send from?


8 years ago


8 years ago

Deleted comment


If you wish for your donations be go towards Haiti only, please leave a comment here :)
Please reply this comment if you wish for your donation to go towards the Haiti cause only.

Do not reply this comment unless the donation has been made/mailed out.

Leave the following:
- Name, country
- Amount donated
- Email

Comments will be screened, for security purposes. :)

Deleted comment


January 27 2010, 18:49:56 UTC 8 years ago

the fanclub of balloons chile is gonna help! :DD

that's great, thank you for your support! :)
i'm from Thailand, and i want to donate by sending money through post/mail. (can i do that?)

i'll email you when i'm ready, but i was wondering what currency that's suitable for donation?
For Thailand, you'll have to send it to me in Singapore.
The currency suitable would either be Singapore Dollars or USD. :)))
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